Here is the problem

  • car lights on
  • car door open
  • locked your baby/keys/mother in law in the car
  • someone bac=shed your car and ran
  • you did not put a parking ticket on the car
  • someone wants to buy your car
  • you have a flat tire
  • you are driving like a maniac
  • someone stole your car
  • smashed your window
  • you are blocking my driveway
  • you are in my parking spot
All these events and more there was a witness, yay you are saved !!!!

No flat battery, dead baby or keyed car paint

One problem how to get hold of you, A note on the car saying that your lights are on is going to be really comforting, that is if your car hasn't been towed or taken to Zim.

The app
You enter the license plate number and select a message type and send

The car owner gets a text message.

A database mapping phone number to licence plate is all that is needed

Select from a list of message types to prevent spam, death threats and sex fiends

Maybe the DVLA could encourage registration to the database by making an opt out clause, then the recipient would not even need to register or have the app installed, they just would get a text message.


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