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Door Handle Reminder

I have a bad problem that I forget things at the last moment.

for example

I prepare lunch to take to work the night before and forget to take it.


Often I will even take it out of the fridge in the morning and leave it on the table and walk out of the door and only when I get on the train do I remember.

I have tried putting post-it notes on the door, tried setting a reminder on my phone with mixed results. These things need to be fool proof because I am truly a fool in these matters.

The solution my daughter came up with is a device which attaches to the front door handle and when you open the door from the inside it gives you a verbal reminder.

You would record the reminder on your iPhone and send it to the smart handle. It would be a connected to your smart home. You could even remind your wife to buy you beer.

Poker Socks

The sock is sold as a single sock, each sock has a playing card logo at the top

ace spades3 clubs etc
You just take two socks out of your drawer at random and if you are lucky you get a pair.

No need to keep pairs of socks together, make your day a fraction more exciting.
Maybe there could be a strip poker spinoff to this

Not like the image below but a bit similar
These are regular mens socks not freaky Etsy socks