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Wearable Ice

It is hot here damned hot. Try play Tennis in this heat - murder. Yet there are maniacs out on their bikes or running. Freaks, some people like to suffer. They say that 80% or something of heat is lost through the head. Sportsman will pay millions to gain any advantage real or perceived. I mean there were these fools paying a $100 for a small magnate  around their wrists which "improved" balance and made you a bit like superman or not.

You need to make a cap (or perhaps a shirt - gloves) out of freezer gel inside a material. Surely a sportsman keeping cool would have an advantage and also be more comfortable. You put you special gel cap in the Freezer the night before, keep it in its custom made pouch and slip it on when the kitchen gets hot. All it would take is for it to be comfortable, effective and for one sports personality to wear it once and the next day you are a billionaire.

There are also medical application like migraine suffers and people undergoing chemo. Somet…

Multisource shopping

Almost everyone has some ideas this one is from Pinto

There exist already apps which can find the cheapest products from different supermarkets in your area.  The problem is you are likely to find different products being the cheapest at various locations.

Opportunity for a service to take the shopping list go to the various stores and purchase the products each at the cheapest price.

Is this viable ?

Electricy cost

Each Electrical socket needs its own meter. You input the cost per kw at each time of the day. You get a Dollar cost of any item plugged in.

The TV cost me $20 a month. The coffee machine $1 etc.

Minyan Maker

Sometimes Minyans look for people other time people look for minyans. This mobile app helps them find one another when and where they are. Would need to have some sort of vetting for security.