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Traffic Light Timer !

Yes this is another "Waze" smartphone add on.

In brief. You spend a couple of minutes timeing the red / amber /green  cycle of your favourite traffic lights.  This is done by thousands of willing users. Eventually a database is created which can  forecast when each light will change.

So now you are driving down the road at 70km and the voice on your Waze GPS says if you drive at 88km or at 27km you can make the light on green. Else you are screwed on red.

You save fuel, time.

Electronic Thumb !

Think "The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy" !

Think Waze (awesome app)

Another green idea.

Hitch hiking - The Good
1) Cheap, Resource efficient way to get places. Spare car seats are used which would otherwise get wasted.
2) Social. Yes human contact , come out of the isolation of your car and meet other living beings.

Hitch hiking - The Bad
1) Time inefficient. It can take a long time to find someone willing to offer a lift to a hitcher.
2) Inaccurate the match between the hitchers and drivers destination often has to rely on luck. A driver often does not know where a hitcher wants to go unless he stops.
3) A Driver often needs to make split second decisions on whether to stop for someone or not since you could be travelling at high speed.
4) Uneven benifits from the relationship. The driver is giving and the hitcher is receiving. This is an act of goodwill, which is great for good people, but sometimes the driver would like his cost to be shared.

Hitch Hiking the Ugly

Burial at Sea !

Why ?
1 )There is too little room in the ground.
2) The air does not need you directly contributing to the CO2 overdose
3) There are a lot of fish in the sea.

Ok you die, what do you do next ?
1) Hole in the ground , in an expensive box and a stone to remember ?
2) Burn you to ash. Ash ?
3) Medical School , and spare parts.
4) Some guys even can even turn you into a diamond.

OK none of this is very GREEN. Some people must want to be released into the sea. Legally there is some allowance for this in the US and the UK. So the market is there and it is feasable. Logistical details need to be worked on marketing should be easy. You have a long tail business for sure.

1) Religious and Traditional objections.
2) Legal obstacles.
3) The fish eating public could be a bit squeemish.
4) Sharks will be delighted , surfers less so.
There are a few companies doing this but the seem to be marketing it badly and wrongly.

It may not be the most popular way do but must be some percentage of p…

Now where was I ?????

List of Ideas I have floating in my head and cannot remember if I have written them down. Must write before they get lost. Maybe wrote some before but to lazy to check

I know I will list the each individually