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Designated Driver

You go to visit your freind he pressures you into having 8 beers, now you gotta get home. You need your car the next day what to do ?
Call  "Designated Driver", they will drive you home and leave your car outside the house. They are fully insured.
End of problem

School Connect

Here is an idea which is in our domain and we could actually implement, pretty easily.
The problem, we have millions of school events, homework assignments , birthday parties. These are difficult to keep track of. We get a lot of emails from the school, the class, the other parents. Yest me manage to forget events or miss some of these announcements. 
Examples of what we have forgotten. Bring a shoebox to class on Thursday.
Bring corn for the health breakfast.
Lost the invitation of one child's birthday.
Now lots of schools have websites, but they are not generally well used.
The concept would be use something like a domain for the school, for the class, which would be easy to implement, effective and efficient.
Each Kid would have an email address. Google Calender could keep track of events relevant to each class, the entire school and social events between kids.
Teacher would publish homework requirements and messages daily.
You get the general idea, needs more refinement and I must go now…

Index for English Websites in Israel

English speaking people need a website that links to all English Websites in Israel. There are many Israeli websites that have an english version. e.g. but english speaking people dont want to browse these hebrew web sites and have to look through each in fine detail in the hope of a link which says 'English'

This will be a human created index, and not a web crawler.

Jimburi in Modiin

The Asrialli Mall in Modiin needs a Jimburi. They are everywhere in Israel. They charge excessive - 30 skecks per kid. There are hundreds of kids in them at any one time.

Jacob Zuma Shower Heads

Screw in you new Zuma shower head and have a hot shower in the knowledge that all diseases will be washed down the drain.
Never take a shower alone again

Multi-Story parking facility in Jerusalem

I cant understand why there is not a huge multi-story parking facility in central Jerusalem. There is a huge shortage of parking. Some hotels do not even offer a parking facility. The parking lot must be huge - thousands of spaces (think of Monti Casino's parking). The facility must have a station for the new monorail, so buy parking there you have access to the entire city.

Parkings are easy business models, not much in the way of maintenance, few employees, and generates passive income.

Car Radar System

A car needs a radar system to assist drivers with overtaking. The radar system would identify whether there are on comming cars and how fast they are going. Particularly useful when trying to overtake blindly around a corner. Can prevent head on collisions.

The Eyes -

I needed to get a new lens for my specs today they want 980 Shekels = $300 for a small piece of plastic. This made me mad, this is crazy stuff
Think about this made me do a web search 
Here is what I foundusa today
I am not sure where else this has been marketed but it is a business oportunity.  What do you reckon ?

Seeing the lightIf you wear glasses, you know how expensive they are, even at discount and chain optometrists. It's a snap to spend several hundred bucks on a mid-range frame and lenses.If you think about it, though, it doesn't make sense. Consider how inexpensive it has become to manufacture much more complex things. If you're over 30, you probably remember when calculators were expensive items. Today they cost virtually nothing and companies give them away.How about memory sticks? A couple of years ago USB flash drives were pretty pricy. Today I've seen them included in press kits and as trade-show giveaways.So why, in this age of cheap manufacturing, are eye…

The Dynamic Credit Card

The ubiquitous credit card is as secure as a box of Smartiesin a kindergarten.All credit cards should have a dynamic 4 last digits - 16 + 4 = 20 numbers. The last four digits should change along a set sequence which is known only to the card and the card processor.  This would change every 10 minutes.When making a purchase whether online or at a vendor :The card number and code would be validated via a secure web service which would authorise or reject it. Only the current generated or previous number would be accepted.Each number would be valid for one purchase only.The credit card could be equipped with a code or finger print recognition which would be needed to generate the number, so if the card was lost or stolen it would be unusable.The card could also have a virtual version which could beinstalled on authorized cell phones.

Israel Book store front end to has got an assoicate programme. As an associate of this programme, you can develop your own e-commerce web site, as a front end to Amazon and which sells via amazon, and amazon delivers directly to the customer. As an associate you get commision of every sale.

Israel needs a good e-commerce book store, for 2 reasons:
1. There are lots of ordinary Israellis and English speaking people who live in Israel who require English books. The book stores in Israel do not have a good selection of English books. The problem with ordering from Amazon currently is the high shipping charges, and the high customs duties. This book store must show prices inclusive of custom duties, in shekels - the price you see is the price you pay.

2. There should also be a hebrew language version of the web site which stores Hebrew books which are typically avalailable in Israel

See what you say

Probably exitsts but it is still my idea and cannot take that away from me
Voice /Word visualisation tool to allow deaf people to see what they sound like so that they can learn to talk better. Would work well on a mobile device like IPhone.
Naturally would come with tutoring software to teach all the correct phonetics

Train to Eilat

Its obvious that a fast TGV style train to Eilat would be a killer initiative. Tel-Aviv to Eilat should be 2 hours away by train. This would give ordinary Israellis easy and cheap access to Eilat as a much needed holiday destination. Furthermore, with the boost to tourism, Eilat will boom.

One Man Car

Take a look out of your window next time you drive home alone and you will notice 95% of cars only have one occupant in them.  Simply most of the time you drive there is no need for a bigger car.

Motorcycles are suicide and cold.

This must be heavily weighted to driver safety.

The one man Car will be safe, small, economical and comfortable.
It will be easy to park, and a lot of fun.
Driver safety, cannot be over emphasized.

Gold on the Mind


An Idea a day

Flowing water is where we find the gold.

Mr Green talked and I listened.

I have a million ideas that flash through my brain, many are forgotten and only remembered years later when someone else has turned them into reality

Ideas posted here will be laughed at, ridiculed, applauded and even perhaps implemented.