School Connect

Here is an idea which is in our domain and we could actually implement, pretty easily.

The problem, we have millions of school events, homework assignments , birthday parties. These are difficult to keep track of. We get a lot of emails from the school, the class, the other parents. Yest me manage to forget events or miss some of these announcements. 

Examples of what we have forgotten.
  • Bring a shoebox to class on Thursday.
  • Bring corn for the health breakfast.
  • Lost the invitation of one child's birthday.
Now lots of schools have websites, but they are not generally well used.

The concept would be use something like a domain for the school, for the class, which would be easy to implement, effective and efficient.

Each Kid would have an email address.
Google Calender could keep track of events relevant to each class, the entire school and social events between kids.

Teacher would publish homework requirements and messages daily.

You get the general idea, needs more refinement and I must go now since I have a court case.

Is your head in the clouds ?


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