Here is the problem

car lights oncar door openlocked your baby/keys/mother in law in the carsomeone bac=shed your car and ranyou did not put a parking ticket on the carsomeone wants to buy your caryou have a flat tireyou are driving like a maniacsomeone stole your carsmashed your windowyou are blocking my drivewayyou are in my parking spot All these events and more there was a witness, yay you are saved !!!!
No flat battery, dead baby or keyed car paint
One problem how to get hold of you, A note on the car saying that your lights are on is going to be really comforting, that is if your car hasn't been towed or taken to Zim.

The app
You enter the license plate number and select a message type and send

The car owner gets a text message.

A database mapping phone number to licence plate is all that is needed

Select from a list of message types to prevent spam, death threats and sex fiends
Maybe the DVLA could encourage registration to the database by making an opt out clause, then the …

Door Handle Reminder

I have a bad problem that I forget things at the last moment.

for example

I prepare lunch to take to work the night before and forget to take it.


Often I will even take it out of the fridge in the morning and leave it on the table and walk out of the door and only when I get on the train do I remember.

I have tried putting post-it notes on the door, tried setting a reminder on my phone with mixed results. These things need to be fool proof because I am truly a fool in these matters.

The solution my daughter came up with is a device which attaches to the front door handle and when you open the door from the inside it gives you a verbal reminder.

You would record the reminder on your iPhone and send it to the smart handle. It would be a connected to your smart home. You could even remind your wife to buy you beer.

Poker Socks

The sock is sold as a single sock, each sock has a playing card logo at the top

ace spades3 clubs etc
You just take two socks out of your drawer at random and if you are lucky you get a pair.

No need to keep pairs of socks together, make your day a fraction more exciting.
Maybe there could be a strip poker spinoff to this

Not like the image below but a bit similar
These are regular mens socks not freaky Etsy socks

Oral Sex

Oral B , NO , sex  attachment to fit oral B toothbrush


Has this idea a long time. It is part of it really easy to implement and will be a killer billion dollar business if done correctly

1) You need to scan people and measure them exactly. Not sure if the scan is free, and legal data sharing model is very important.

Business models
2) You sell access the scanned data for bespoke made to fit clothing manufacture, medical studies etc.

3) The main idea is the manufacture of 3D printed footwear, probably inner soles to start with. I am unsure if there is an excellent material which well suited to 3D printing and inner soles.


OK Google

Needs a bit of background. You have to watch this

About how bedridden person uses robot as a virtual body.

The you have to think about how blind people need a guide.

So one person needs a body another needs eyes. Google Glass can connect the two people.

We have two people who together function as 1+ both benifit both are happy. No money in this but it makes the world a better place.

The app is pretty simple just video streaming and voice like Skype, you need a website to math the pairs