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Getty This !

Getty Images, must make a lot of money right ? They are worth $3 Billion.

They have a big archive of 80 Million Images.

flickr,  picasa,  photobucket, shutterfly

Probably have more, OK so there are quality issues but lots of good amateur photos exist.

A collaborative photo site !

Anyone can put their pictures onto the site and they are sold  and the commisions are split between the site and the photographer. The site is aimed at people who do not usually sell their stuff. So you go through flickr, Picassa etc and recruit photos, just email and offer to buy, sell whatever.

I am sure this would work if it is done correctly. Proffesional photographers will hate it as the internet eats up yet another livleyhood, power to the people.

The classification of the images and quality control of images could be moitored by the community them selves and only images above a certain rating accepted.

Search could be done using Google.

There would not even be a need to host the images they could re…

Big Pad

This probably exists or it is being made or will be. It needs to be in every office in the world.

A touch screen white board., for business presentations. This is a big IPad or Android , how big about 50 inches should do the trick. I could even be portable.

Enough of writing on the whiteboard with permanent market.

Power Points , Excels and Word are in the cloud , just sign in and display.

 No need to copy the scribblings from the meeting they are mailed to one and all

Want a video conference ? Just beam across Scotty on Skype or Google+