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The Morning After Pill

You wake up with your mouth feeling like a cat slept in it and smelling like Kobus Wiese's dirty sock found behind a dryer after three weeks.
You reach over to your bedside table and pop in a capsule containing some sort of sweet minty liquid, you swish around your mouth and swallow. You lean across to your wife , the combination of your new minty smell and the long hard probe which the morning gifts, makes you irrisistable.
Tommorrow she may need a pill similar in name but very different.

Lots of ideas here

ATM Machines in petrol stations and convenience stores

In South Africa, there is a company who has installed thousands of ATMs in petrol stations and convenience stores (cafes, seven elevens, spars). These are non branded (and not bank affiliated). I have met the CEO, a chap our age. He earns fees off every transaction. They are very popular, because people feel safe to draw money inside a shop. TAKE THIS PLAN TO ISRAEL.

Receipt Scanner

Lose receipts all the time ?
The receipt scanner is a tiny scanner that will scan them in and file them by date. Perhaps it will use OCR to recognise the shop you bought from.

A Eureka Moment

Guys like talking crap. And they like talking stats
Men like Milner will love this.
A Crapometer, this is a device which measures the volume of the crap you spew into the bog. It is simple volume of an iregular shaped object is measured by the amount of liguid it displaces. When we take a shit water is displaced. Our curiosity and bragging rights are never quite satisfied unless we can attach a number to our shit. If we had a digital display on the back of the bog which gave us the volume of our crap and also stored a list of the 10 biggest craps on our high score list, it would be a lot of fun.!