Receipt Scanner

Lose receipts all the time ?

The receipt scanner is a tiny scanner that will scan them in and file them by date. Perhaps it will use OCR to recognise the shop you bought from.


  1. This makes no sense. You can take a photo with your cell phone and send it to Evernote. There are also pay services that will turn the photographs into spreadsheets.

  2. Have you used Evernote ? is it good ? looks interesting

    My idea is when you get home you shove all receipts into this scanner and it copies them, perhaps and keeps them in a great shoebox for you and you never have to look for them again.

  3. Scanning documents is in general a brilliant idea. I used to have cupboards full of files, but I have now scanned everything. Google sites is a free website service where you can upload your docs. They also index words in your docs for searching.


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