Printer Paver

It is a bit ridiculous the way they pave sidewalks the labour is manual.

A big trucks delivers blocks of paving stones. Men manually lift the stones from the block and arrange them them  on the sidewalk. Takes 3 men , two full days to do about 100m x 2m. That is assuming the surface is prepared before. The end result is pretty boring.

Imagine the sidewalk is paper. The stones are the ink and the and result the painting.

The new sidewalk downstairs was expensive and slow to produce and is boring

The printer paver is a mobile printer which will firstly measure and then lay the sidewalk. The mechanical mechanism should be pretty simple. With computer aided design you could pre-calculate the optimal stone size and implement wonderful designs. Could even use very small stones and get intricate mosaic sidewalks.

This could transform cities. Sidewalks could even be paved to commemorate things (like the ones in Hollywood) To advertise and inform. A whole world of possibility opens.

The advantages of the printer paver
2)Less manual labour
3)Less Waste due to its measuring technologies.
4)Much more sophisticated layouts.

Comments ? Have I explained it enough or do you need more ?


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